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Top 10 Attractions

Top 10 Attractions

With rich ecological resources and profound cultural heritage, Siraya has many classic attractions for in-depth visits.

We have carefully selected some must visit attractions of Siraya to help you plan an enjoyable trip to Siraya.

  • Sunrise in Erliao

    Sunrise in Erliao

    Taiwanese top three places to enjoy a sea of clouds and sunrise at low altitude are Getou in the north, Wucheng in the center, and Erliao in the south, with Erliao having the lowest altitude. On a clear day, overlook the east before sunrise, and you will see the Central Mountain Range emerging from the morning light. As the light appears from behind the mountain, visitors are greeted with a picturesque view that resembles a splashed-ink landscape.

    Gentle reminder:

    • Best sunrise is from June to September.
    • For sunrise direction and time, visit the Central Weather Administration.
    • The day after a heavy rain is the best time to watch the sunrise.
    • Take care of the environment and do not damage the observation deck and other facilities.
  • Meiling Scenic Area

    Meiling Scenic Area

    Plum blossom at Meiling during winter is not only a feast for the eyes, but also an ideal place for winter hiking. As the plum trees are not concentrated in the same location, one may need to take several trails to view all the plum flowers. From May to June, visitors can enjoy the Tung flower, pick plums and watch the fireflies. After the plum blossom, farmers start to pick the plums to make into delicious cuisines. When night falls, walk into the woods and enjoy a summer date with the fireflies.

    Gentle reminder:

    • Meiling Firefly Festival from April to May
    • December to January is the season to enjoy the plum flowers.
    • As the mountain roads are winding and steep, please drive carefully.
    • Registration is required for firefly watching. As the firefly watching trails are steep, please consider your physical condition before registering.
  • Linchupi Kapok Road

    Linchupi Kapok Road

    Linchupi Kapok Road was once selected as one of the world’s 15 most beautiful flower trails, with a length of approximately 866.5 meters. During the kapok blossom from March and April, the bright red flowers on the branches are especially stunning in the green pasture, attracting many cyclists and photographers.

    Gentle reminder:

    • Kapok flowers blossom is from the end of March to early April.
    • Watch out for pedestrians while cycling.
    • Please park according to traffic instruction, and do not park on Kapok Road.
  • Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area

    Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area

    Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area has magnificent mountain views, and is a scenic area with the largest developed area in Southern Taiwan. Besides the boat tour on the lake and eagle watch, visitors can also cycle round the lake, or walk along the green trails to enjoy the buildings that integrate with nature.

    Gentle reminder:

    • Entrance fee is required to enter Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area.
    • The bicycle path round the lake is approximately 10 km.
    • Advance booking is required for boat activities.
  • Guanziling Scenic Area

    Guanziling Scenic Area

    The century-old Guanziling hot spring, together with Beitou, Yangmingshan and Sizhongxi, are Taiwan’s top four hot springs. It is also Taiwan’s only mud hot spring. During winter, choose a hot spring resort to wash away your fatigue. During summer, visit Hongye Park and enjoy the view of Chiayi-Tainan Plain with the dancing purple butterflies. After savoring the delicious urn roasted chicken and mushroom tea leaf eggs, visit the spectacular Fire and Water Spring. At sunset, head to Huoshan Biyun Temple for the beautiful sunset.

  • Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area

    Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area

    Overlooking Wushantou Reservoir from the top, the winding banks of the lake resemble emerald coral reefs; the place thus earned the name “Coral Lake”. Wushantou Reservoir has complete facilities, such as a camping area, barbeque area, water park, etc., as well as water activities, such as ferry, rowboat, etc. The place offers safe water activities during the summer.

    Gentle reminder:

    • Cherry blossom of Gliricidia sepium is from February to end of March.
    • Swimming attire is required for the water slides and swimming pool.
  • Liuying Jianshanpi Resort

    Liuying Jianshanpi Resort

    Jianshanpi Reservoir was built to irrigate Taiwan Sugar’s sugar cane plantation. The development of Jianshanpi tourism industry began in 1975. The design of the reservoir is based on West Lake, and the concept of Jianshanpi is based on the style of Jiangnan, featuring complete recreational facilities and offering activities such as hiking, camping picnic, barbeque, lake tour, etc. There is also a resort in the park.

    Gentle reminder:

    • Visitors arriving by Taiwan Railway or High-Speed Rail may arrange pick-up service with the resort (chargeable).
  • Zhonglun Yunshui River Hot Spring

    Zhonglun Yunshui River Hot Spring

    Zhonglun Yunshui River Hot Spring is conveniently located along Provincial Highway 3. Besides enjoying the hot spring, visitors are also treated with scenic mountainous views. This is Taiwan’s only hot spring rest area specially designed for motorcyclists. As the place is reputed as a motorcycle haven, a foot soaking pool is set up for motorcyclists and cyclists.

  • Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park

    Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park

    Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park was built to commemorate the chief engineer of Chianan Irrigation Waterway, Mr. Hatta Yoichi, also known as the “Father of Chianan Irrigation Waterway”. The Park retains the complete Japanese buildings, and to truly preserve its original appearance, the technicians in charge of the restoration work visited the hometown of Hatta Yoichi, Ishikawa Prefecture, to study the local architecture. The restoration adopted Japanese woodworking techniques so as to be closer to Japanese architectural aesthetics.

    Gentle reminder:

    • Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park is an extended attraction of Wushantou Reservoir. An entrance fee for Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area is required to enter the Park.
  • Zuojhen Fossil Park

    Zuojhen Fossil Park

    Zuojhen Fossil Park is Taiwan’s only “Museum-School Integrated” fossil museum, which comprises Tsai-liao Fossil Museum, Natural History Education Hall and Guangrong Elementary School. The Park organizes exhibitions and activities from time to time. Numerous fossils have been unearthed from Cailiao River Basin, the most famous being the “Zuozhen Man” fossil. Today, the mystery of Zuozhen Man is still a case that cannot be ignored in the history of Taiwan’s archaeology.

    Gentle reminder:

    • If you’ve booked the Park’s activities, please report at the designated meeting place.
    • Pets are not allowed in the Park.
    • Food and drinks are not allowed in the Park.