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Three Main Travel Routes

Three Main Travel Routes

The beauty of Siraya

comes from the generosity of nature, the hard work of farmers, the cultivation of craftsmen, as well as the rich history of the indigenous people, which make Siraya a place where visitors will visit repeatedly. Siraya awaits its visitors as the light of dawn penetrates the mist, and shines on the forest, grassland, kapok road and emerald lotus leaves.

The vast area covers Chiayi-Tainan Plain, as well as the hills and forest. As the season changes, the place offers different scenic views and agricultural products. Pick the right season and embark on an in-depth tour of Siraya National Scenic Area.

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Colorful Artistic Land Embracing nature, making a leisurely trip to the olden days

Start your journey with Erliao’s beautiful sunrise that resembles a splashed-ink landscape, and then visit Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm to experience the rustic charm of the countryside. During the end of spring and early summer, witness the short but sparkling life of Xinhua fireflies. At Xinhua Old Street and Tainan Shan-Shang Garden and Old Waterworks Museum, travel back in time and experience Taiwan’s olden times and lifestyle.

Not to be missed:

  • Tainan’s Erliao sunrise.
  • Firefly watching at Xinhua Forest Farm from April to May; online registration is required.
  • Don’t miss the tri-color Popsicles from “Aunty Yan Shaved Ice Shop” in Shanshang District.
  • Avocado-related creative cultural products from Danei Shop
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Romantic Hot Spring Hop on a bicycle, enjoy the aroma of coffee, and embark on a short trip

Ride on Dongshan 175 Coffee Road and embark on an aromatic trip. In spring, cycle along Linchupi Kapok Road, which was voted as one of the world’s 15 most beautiful streets of flowers by Spanish tourism website “BoredPanda”. In summer, enjoy the flowers as you pass by Baihe lotus farm and savor the lotus cuisines. Drive or ride to Guanziling Scenic Area for a stroll and choose a hot spring resort to experience the charm of mud hot spring.

Not to be missed:

  • Baihe District’s Provincial Highway 89 South and Provincial Highway 90 South are very suitable for a leisurely bicycle tour for an in-depth local experience.
  • Baihe Linchupi Kapok Flower Festival is around March, and Baihe Flower Festival is from June to August.
  • In the evening, pay a visit to Biyun Temple to watch the setting sun shining on the mountain and forest.
  • Experience the charm of Guanziling’s mud hot spring, and savor the urn roasted chicken.
  • Choose a cafe along Dongshan 175 Coffee Road and enjoy a leisurely time with your friends and family.
  • Visit Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park, and listen to the stories of Chiayi-Tainan Plain and Chianan Irrigation Channel.
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Joyful Countryside Get closer to nature, savor delicacies of the countryside

In winter, visit the countryside, Meiling, for plum blossom. The plum fruits will turn green in spring, and in summer, visitors can enjoy the sumptuous and delicious mango shaved ice in Yujing. Head to Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area to experience the iconic route of cyclists, and enjoy the scenery of the reservoir at the most comfortable pace.

Not to be missed:

  • Meiling Firefly Festival from April to May, and plum blossom from December to January.
  • Yujing mango season from June to August.
  • Savor plum cuisines at Meiling.
  • Hop on a tour boat at Zengwen Reservoir for fishing, eagle watching and wild boar watching.
  • The countryside of Chiayi Zhongpu Township has many farms and attractions suitable for families.