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Cycling Tour - Lingbo-Guantian Route

2 Pheasant-tailed Jacanas is chasing
Travel days: 1 day
Season: All Seasons
Category: Cycling Tour & Featured Itinerary
Family-Friendly Route
A cycling route that embraces both nature and history
A light breeze is blowing, the sun is shining on the water caltrop fields, and the pheasant-tailed jacanas, known as the Fairy Walking over Ripples, are dancing in the fields. On the other side, the Wushantou Reservoir irrigates the farmland on the plain through the Chianan Canal, while the Yoichi Hatta Memorial Park nearby tells the story of Mr. Yoichi Hatta and the Kanan Canal. The Chishan Longhuyan Temple, a hybrid architecture of traditional Chinese temples and Japanese-rule baroque style, provides a sense of intercultural harmony. As you cycle through the Lingbo-Guantian route featuring the natural and cultural diversity, you will get to know the most unique natural and cultural characteristics of Guantian District.


Longtian Station → Guantian Jacana Ecological Education Park → Chuanwenshan Forest Ecological Conservation Farm → Bailin Police Station → Love Rock → Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area → Yoichi Hatta Memorial Park → Hushan Police Station → Chishan Longhuyan Temple → Chianan Irrigation Association Fenqi Workstation → Guantian Visitor Center →Longtian Distillery → Guantian District Office → Longtian Station
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水雉生態教育園區大門意象Guantian Jacana Ecological Education Park
The Guantian Conservation Area, located in Guantian District, was established under the auspices of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp and was officially renamed the Jacana Ecological Education Park after the Agriculture Department of Tainan City Government took over its management, which has gradually developed into an ecological education and tourism site. Not only is the park rich in aquatic plants, but there are also many water birds in the area, the most important of which is the pheasant-tailed jacanas, the fairies walking over ripples, that coexist with the water caltrop fields. The jacanas can be observed using a telescope, which is why they often attract great attention from bird watchers.

嘉南水利分歧工作站嘉南大圳導水路Chianan Irrigation Association Fenqi Workstation & Chianan Canal Diversion Channel
Responsible for the design and construction of the Chianan Canal irrigation project, Japanese engineer Yoichi Hatta completed the Wushantou Reservoir and the water conveyance system. Thereafter, the irrigation water flows from the Wushantou Reservoir and follows the diversion channel into the sluice gate, dividing the water into the northern and southern trunk lines. The northern route runs north from Wushantou and crosses the Jishuei River, Pachang River and Puzih River to the southern bank of the Beigang River, while the southern route runs southwards across Guantian River and Tsengwen River to the Shanhua area and links up with other branch lines to form a dense network of waterways around the area.

戀占石Love Rock(Temporarily closed during construction)
Situated on South 117 Country Road is a gazebo facing the Chianan Canal, in front of which lies the popular Love Rock. Legend has it that if you close your eyes in front of the rock and say silently the name of the person you are in love with, you will have the chance to enter into a relationship. The love story of Yoichi Hatta and his wife Toyoki Yonemura adds to the timeless blessing of the Love Rock.

1_烏山頭水庫又有「珊瑚潭」的美名#001■Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area
Wushantou Reservoir is located between the border of Liujia District and Guantian District. Looking down from a high position, you will see the shore of the lake is shaped irregularly like green coral reefs, which is why the place is also called "coral reef lake."

八田與一紀念園區#001■Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park
Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park was built in commemoration of Yoichi Hatta, the engineer of Chianan Irrigation system. Situated north of Wushantou Reservoir, the Park has an intact cluster of Japanese-style buildings. Yoichi Hatta is also called “the founder of Chianan Irrigation.” In 1910, Hatta arrived in Southern Taiwan to undertake investigative work for Wushantou Reservoir and Chianan Irrigation.

赤山龍湖巖傳說為明代陳永華參軍所建Chishan Longhuyan Temple
Chishan Longhuyan Temple, with a history of over 300 years, is one of the most famous temples in Lioujia, adjacent to the Yoichi Hatta Memorial Park dormitory area. Surrounded by water on three sides, Chishan Longhuyan Temple is like a land-tied island that requires a short walk along the winding shores of the lake to get a full view. The four-section compound is a mixture of traditional Chinese temples and baroque architecture of the Japanese-rule period, which varies in construction time and thus in appearance. The surface of the lake in front of the temple is shimmering when it is sunny and misty when it is raining, giving the lake a wide variety of appearance, hence the name “Eight Views of Longhu.”

Guantian Visitor Center (Siraya National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau MOTC)Guantian Visitor Center
 Guantian Visitor Center incorporates the concept of “rural settlement” and elements of Siraya people into the scene of the Jianan Plain. With its great accessibility and comprehensive facilities, the Center provides tourist information and sells local produce. The Center also connects the neighboring Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park and Wushantou Reservoir to create a convenient tourist route, providing friendly and diverse services for visitors.

川文山百年榕樹Chuanwenshan Forest Ecological Conservation Farm
In line with the government's incentives for afforestation, local resident Lai Hsien-ming transformed a 14-hectare mango orchard into a forest and opened it to the public for free. The site has become a popular attraction and is nicknamed “Little Yangmingshan” by the public.
The site has a tranquil atmosphere in a beautiful setting, surrounded by lush greenery, with the “mahogany” being the most beautiful of all. At the top of the hill are two iconic century-old banyan trees with their branches and leaves spreading outwards to form a green shade, just like the embrace of nature. A resting place and a pavilion are provided under the banyan tree for visitors to relax and chat.

Wushantou Reservoir tickets: Adult ticket NT$100, half-price ticket NT$60, concession ticket NT$40
To enter the Yoichi Hatta Memorial Park, you must purchase a ticket at the entrance of the Wushantou Reservoir.
(For more information on ticketing, please visit the official website of the Wushantou Reservoir)
※The circular route suitable for families and children.
※A bikeway is planned for the Lingbo-Guantian route, and people are welcome to make use of it.
※The views of the water caltrop fields and the countryside along the way are worth exploring. It is recommended that you slow down your pace of cycling and take in the rural atmosphere.
※Be careful when travelling to and from the main road.