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Kabuasua Village Trip

Kabuasua retains the complete Siraya culture and has an annual night festival.
Travel days: 1 day
Season: All Seasons
Category: Aboriginal life experience tour & Featured Itinerary

A trip to Kabuasua in Dongshan will take you to the embrace of the village, where the most complete culture of the Siraya Aborigines is preserved. Want to learn more about the Siraya people? Join us now as we journey through the time tunnel to the Siraya village from Kabuasua.

Itinerary: Guided tour of the village school → Enjoy an excellent cuisine→ DIY activity

IMG_0426-部落學堂Kabuasua Village School
The Kabuasua Village school, located in Tainan City’s Dongshan District, is home to the most well-preserved Siraya ritual culture in the city. For a more in-depth tour of the community, be sure to make a reservation, as professional tour guides will lead you around the village.

導覽 (2)Guided Tour of Kabuasua VillageAfter the guided tour, you can enjoy a delicious meal locally, where the Siraya people are known for their use of wild game in the fields, which is sure to whet your appetite.

風味餐 (1)■Kabuasua Village Traditional Cuisine
捻繩成品Village DIY - Rope Twisting

Kabuasua Village School
ADD.:No. 29-1, Jibeishua Dongshan Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Group size recommended: 20 persons (fee varies with number of people enrolled)
Guided tour: offered by the Kabuasua Village school
Kabuasua cuisine: offered by the Kabuasua Village school
DIY activity: for 20 people or more, offered by the Kabuasua Village school
Bringing sunscreen and mosquito repellent is recommended
Kabuasua Village school:+886-6-6233190