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Mass Transportation

To travel to Siraya National Scenic Area, you may choose to start from “Chiayi” or “Tainan”.

Different cities may bring you different journey experiences. Chiayi HSR station is recommended for the availability of the “Guanzihling route” provided by the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service, with which you may directly go to the Guanziling area of Siraya National Scenic Area.

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Heading for Chiayi and Tainan

  • Air

    It is the most comfortable transport vehicle. You may take an international direct flight from Hong Kong, Japan or Vietnam without transfer and there are domestic flights available from Kinmen and Penghu.

  • High Speed Rail (HSR)

    It is the fastest mass transportation system in Taiwan, and it can help you to save your time.

  • Train

    Due to its modest ride time and fare, it turns out to be a mass transport vehicle chosen by most passengers. Buses heading directly to Siraya National Scenic Area are available at Chiayi or Tainan transit station.

  • Passenger bus

    It offers the most inexpensive fare and there are many kinds of passenger buses available for your choice. After arriving at Chiayi or Tainan transit station, you may take a direct bus to Siraya National Scenic Area.

    • A small reminder:
      The ticket can be purchased at the transit station of respective counties/cities or a convenience store.
    • Chiayi Bus Station
      TEL: +886-5-2335215
    • Tainan Bus Station
      TEL: +886-6-2201519
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How to get to Siraya?

  • Chiayi Bus

    If you do not plan to drive from Chiayi to Siraya National Scenic Area, Chiayi Bus can be your good choice. The three routes below can all reach the well-known attractions of Siraya.

    TEL: +886-5-275089

    • Suggested Bus Routes

      7210 Chiayi ⇌ Baihe

      7214 Chiayi ⇌ Guanziling

      7215 Chiayi ⇌ Yunshui

  • Tainan City Bus

    To set off from Tainan, if you do not plan to drive, Tainan City Bus can be your best choice for a round trip to Siraya National Scenic Area. There are many routes with inexpensive fares (for some attractions, the buses have fewer departures, so please take it into account when arranging your itinerary).

    Service Tel. No.: +886-6-2230330

  • Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service

    Guanzihling route. Shuttled at Chiayi HSR station, the bus stops at the landmarks of well-known attractions of Siraya National Scenic Area along the way.
    Ling Bo-Guantian Route. It is a sightseeing route showcasing the beauty of lakes and mountains, leisure and entertainment experiences, and exploration of the humanities!

    Service Tel. No.: +886-6-2230330

  • Taiwan Tour Bus

    It takes time and energy to plan a trip and arrange insurance. On the other hand, there are so many fun places for you to tour in Siraya National Scenic Area, it will make you wonder where to start the planning. If this is the case, you may schedule your journey on the Taiwan Tour Bus Website to enable you to easily enjoy the fun of traveling.

    Service Tel. No.: +886-800-011765

    • Suggested Bus Routes

      One-day trip to Tainan Ancient Capital and Wushantou

      Tainan Siraya Fruit Picking Tour(one-day tour)

    • Information
      Timetable and route inquiries