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  • Hutoupi Reservoir Scenic Area

    Hutoupi Reservoir, Taiwan's oldest reservoir, was built in 1846. The water surface area covers around 27 hectares. There are mountains in the background. The water banks reach a height of around 70 meters, and the waters go to a depth of around 40 meters. The reservoir was originally used for irrigation, irrigating over 500 hectares of farm land. In 1906, following an earthquake, it needed urgent repairs, which took six months. A memorial stone was erected at that time. In that same year, it became one of Taiwan's "12 Scenic Panoramas". In 1939, it became known as the Hutoupi Scenic Area. In 1954, Tainan City’s Documents Committee selected “Moonlight on Hutoupi” to be one of the “Eight Nanying Sights”. It was also known as “Little Sun Moon Lake”. Because the Hutoupi Scenic Area is south of the Tropic of Cancer, it has a tropical monsoon climate, giving it a rich animal and plant ecology. There is a golf course, strawberry garden, martyrs shrine, and a horseback riding area nearby. Your journey to the reservoir can easily include a visit to any one of these places. The beautiful scenery will make your visit worthwhile, and this is a popular place to visit on weekends.

    Hutoupi Reservoir Scenic Area
    Tainan City-Sinhua District Detail
  • SINHUA Forest Area

    National Chung Hsing University Xinhua Forest Farm is the only low-altitude one in Taiwan. It is featured by meandering wooded trails and a deep Chung-jung Pond. Various hiking paths are available to both professional hikers and family visitors. This is where a carefree, green travel experience takes place. There are plenty of vegetation and trees in the garden, and it has been creating forest since 1975, planting leafy trees and Bambusa including large leafed mahogany trees that are sized over 150 hectares, with 90 hectares of it used for National Chung Hsing University Xinhua Forest Farm and National Botanical Garden, as the only low altitude tropical forest farm.

    SINHUA Forest Area
    Tainan City-Sinhua District Detail
  • Meiling Scenic Area

    Meiling Scenic Area is located in Nansi Dist.'s Wanciou Vil.. In previous times, it was called Siangjiao Mountain (Banana Mountain), but over time, the banana trees were replaced by plum trees. When the former vice president Sie Dongmin visited this place, he saw that the whole mountain was bursting with plum blossoms, and changed the name to Meiling (plum peak). This is one of Taiwan's largest plum-growing areas. The plum trees blossom every year from New Year's Day until mid January. At this time, the mountain is covered with fragrant plum blossoms. This is Meiling's peak time for tourism. As you admire the abundant blossoms, don’t miss out on the local dish – boiled chicken with salted plums.

    Meiling Scenic Area
    Tainan City-Nansi District Detail
  • Tainan Waterworks Museum

    The "Old Tainan Canal" was built in 1922.Once this decision has been formally announced, Old Tainan Canal will become the 19th national historic spot to be approved by the Ministry of the Interior. The Old Tainan Canal is comprised of many different types of buildings. The materials include western style steel and concrete buildings, as well as red brick buildings, which are both sturdy and attractive. The canal garden area is divided into two areas, namely the water source area and water treatment area. These areas contain all the facilities and equipment needed to draw, direct, treat and distribute the water. This includes a rooftop water filtration room, which is rare in Taiwan, and very well preserved. Also included are 14 old but extremely well-preserved quick filter cylinders, which were manufactured in England. The pump room contains a mobile crane and vertical axial motor, antique machines rarely seen today.

    Tainan Waterworks Museum
    Tainan City-Shanshang District Detail
  • Tainan Astronomical Education Area

    TAEA is located at a hilltop of Danei. There are 3 buildings and many trails, which are environmentally friendly. The first building is the observatory constructed during 2004 and 2006. The construction budge of the observatory came from Tainan County. It started to use on January 1 2007. After that, TAEA got budges from Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan and Ministry of Education for the constructions of the astronomy exhibition hall, planetarium, platforms, and trails. The main constructions were completed in 2012. Our planetarium has the first 3D omnimax theatre in Taiwan. It can show you virtual starry sky, and inspire you to know more about astronomy. We have a 76 cm telescope, which is the largest telescope on level ground in Taiwan. Its dome is 9 m in diameter, and looks like a pearl on the hilltop. In addition, there are BRC250 and MEADE-12 telescopes. In the daytime, you can observe sunspots. At Saturday night, you can observe planets, nebulae, and clusters with telescopes. Visitors can see the meander of Zengwun River, river terrace, and mudstone in the Moon World. You can also see the highest Jade Mountain. There are trails around TAEA. You can walk along the trails and visit Chinese Begonia which is native plant in Taiwan. At Saturday nights, we guide visitors to explore the night sky by 9 pm. If it is clear at night, you can watch stars. TAEA is the only astronomy museum, which you can enjoy the night sky. We are constructing Danei township as a star’s hometown.

    Tainan Astronomical Education Area
  • Yunsuixi Hot Spring, Zhonglun

    Yunsuixi in Zhonglun is a salt water hot spring that contains sodium bicarbonate. It originates from the same place as Guanzhiling and Liuchongxi. Its facilities include an open-air hot spring bath, a foot massage pool, a cherry-blossom forest trail, an ecological trail, and a scenic waterfall. The bathhouse is built with real wood and its transparent roof allows sunshine to come in. Bathing in there can’t be more relaxing.

    Yunsuixi Hot Spring, Zhonglun
    Chiayi County-Zhongpu Township Detail
  • Yujing

    Town of Mangos - Yujing Yujing is Taiwan’s most famous “town of mangos.” In the summer, at Yujing’s fruit market, one can always immerse in the strong fragrance of mangos. Every mango fruit is al-dente and sweet at this local market, and the price is fair, making visitors happy. Yujing Old Street is not to be missed if you visit the town on a hot summer day. The locals here use mangos to make all kinds of desserts, such as shredded ice with iced mango cubes, sweet mango pickles, ice cream, and mango jam - what a feast to the mouth! Hutou Mountain is the highest point of Yujing. From there, visitors can enjoy a birds-eye-view of the idyllic town. There are also plenty of garden restaurants at mountain top featuring views of Yujing Basin. Why not try creative mango cuisine at one of the restaurants and spend some leisurely time there. Onden House, situated amidst mountains and forests, are popular among visitors as a clock-in destination. The building exudes romantic, exotic charm. Newlyweds also come here to create some happy memory.

    Tainan City-Yujing District Detail