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Erliao receive the first rays of the Sun in 2019

2019 New Year Sunrise in Erliao just came to a fulfilling end a few days ago. In its 7th year, it took the theme of “2019 Love You as Always” to thank people for their long-time support. Yellow heart-shaped balloons were distributed on site. When the Sun came out, the attending public shouted, “2019 love you as always, happiness as always, and good health as always” together, holding up the balloons high and immersing in the good wishes of others around and the nature. The organizer hopes that everyone can enjoy lasting happiness!

Erliao Sunrise Platform provides panoramic scenic sunrise views for visitors to enjoy all year round. Those who didn’t make it for the New Year event may go to Erliao for the sunrise views any time, in addition to exploring a variety of scenic spots within the area. Come to feel the beauty of Siraya!

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