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Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area

Wushantou Reservoir is located on the borders of Lioujia Dist. and Guantian Dist.. Looking down from the sky, one can see the intricate and zigzagging shore, resembling the appearance of corals. In previous times, this place was called "Coral Lake". This coral lake is formed from the convergence of over 30 rivers, and the water surface area is close to 1,300 hectares. There are close to 100 small islands and peninsulas on the lake. It is surrounded by over 6700 hectares of mountain forests. This exquisitely beautiful scenery is extremely enchanting.

Wushantou Reservoir not only irrigates over 150,000 hectares of land, it also promotes Tainan City's tourism. Nowadays, Wushantou Reservoir is connected with Zengwen Reservoir, located in the upper reaches of the Zengwen River, and they both provide hydroelectric power and water for the residents and industries of the greater Tainan area.

The scenic spots of Wushantou include a majestic dam, spillways, water supply stations, Sanjiaobi Park, a broad avenue, plazas, Tiantan, a suspension bridge, and Jhongjheng Park. One can also see the statue of Yoichi Hatta, the Japanese engineer responsible for the construction of the reservoir, as well as the steam locomotive used for transporting materials during its construction. The tourist center standing at the extreme end of the broad avenue can provide the tourists with information and simple meals.  

68-2, Jianan Vil., Guantian Dist., Tainan City
Opening hours
Daily open am07:00~pm17:30
  • How to go
    By Car:

    (1)Going south from Taipei: Sinying Interchange → Sinying Dist. → Gueizihgang → Lioujia (City Road No. 174) → Wushantou Reservoir

    (2)Going north from Kaohsiung: Yongkang Interchange → Sinshih → Guantian Interchange (City Road No. 117 or No.165) → Wushantou Reservoir

    (3)2nd Southern Highway → Guantian/ Lioujia Interchange →Wushantou Reservoir

  • Where to live
    • Phone : 06-6988555
    • Address : No69-13,Jianan Village,Guantian District, Tainan City 720,Taiwan

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    Yoichi Hatta commemorates the campus

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