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Tasi-liao Fossil Museum Tasi-liao Fossil Museum

The Cailiao Fossil Museum was opened in 1981. The fossils on display there are numerous and varied. They include the Zuozhen Man fossil, which dates back to the same era as the Upper Cave Man fossils of China. Also included are fossils of sea and land animals. These are valuable for researching the evolution of land and sea creatures, and the geographical environmental changes. They make wonderful natural science teaching materials.

The stratum of Zuozhen Dist.'s Cailiao Stream is of a unique structure, containing a rich abundance of many different fossils of many ancient organisms. A large amount of fossils have been unearthed, providing valuable resources for learning about the evolution of sea and land organisms, and the changes in Taiwan's geological formation and geography. Their importance has been acknowledged both locally and overseas, making Cailiao Stream a world famous fossil area. 

Cailiao Fossil Museum1Cailiao Fossil MuseumCailiao Fossil Museum2
No. 61-1, Ronghe Vil., Zuozhen Dist., Tainan City
  • How to go
    Public transportation:

    Take the Tainan city bus green line in front of Tainan Railway Station, which travels on Provincial Route 20 via Sinhua, and get off at the stop of Tainan City ZuoJhen Fossil Park.

    By Car:

    1.Northbound by National Highway 3, exiting National Highway 8, heading to Provincial Route 20, and turning left to Zuojhen.
    2.Southbound and Northbound by National Highway 1, exiting National Highway 8 via Tainan Highway System, heading to Provincial Route 20 to Zuojhen.

  • Sunrise in Erliao

    Sunrise in Erliao

    Tainan City-Zuozhen District
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    Dakeng Leisure Farm

    Tainan City-Sinhua District
  • Sinhua Old Street

    Sinhua Old Street

    Tainan City-Sinhua District
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