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Hutoupi Reservoir Scenic Area Hutoupi Reservoir Scenic Area

Hutoupi Reservoir, Taiwan's oldest reservoir, was built in 1846. The water surface area covers around 27 hectares. There are mountains in the background. The water banks reach a height of around 70 meters, and the waters go to a depth of around 40 meters. The reservoir was originally used for irrigation, irrigating over 500 hectares of farm land. In 1906, following an earthquake, it needed urgent repairs, which took six months. A memorial stone was erected at that time. In that same year, it became one of Taiwan's "12 Scenic Panoramas".

In 1939, it became known as the Hutoupi Scenic Area. In 1954, Tainan City’s Documents Committee selected “Moonlight on Hutoupi” to be one of the “Eight Nanying Sights”. It was also known as “Little Sun Moon Lake”.

Because the Hutoupi Scenic Area is south of the Tropic of Cancer, it has a tropical monsoon climate, giving it a rich animal and plant ecology. There is a golf course, strawberry garden, martyrs shrine, and a horseback riding area nearby. Your journey to the reservoir can easily include a visit to any one of these places. The beautiful scenery will make your visit worthwhile, and this is a popular place to visit on weekends. 

No 36, Lane 42, Jhongsing Road, Sinhua Dist., Tainan City
Opening hours
06:30 AM to 22:00 PM
  • How to go
    Public transportation:

    (1)Take the Singnan Transport Company bus from Tainan to Hutoupi. Exit the bus at Hutoupi entrance. Follow the signs to the Hutoupi Scenic area.

    (2)Take the Singnan Transport Company bus from Sinhua to Hutoupi, and exit at the Hutoupi bus stop.

    By Car:

    Exit at the Yongkang Interchange, and take City Road No. 1. Connect to City Road 177 Jia, and drive in the direction of the Yongkang town center. Turn left at Provincial Road No. 20 going towards Sinhua, and then turn right at Jhongjheng Road towards Sinhua Police Station. Turn left at Jhongsing Road, and drive straight towards the Hutoupi Scenic Area main gate. It is about 11.5 kilometers from the interchange to the main gate.

  • Where to live
    • Phone : 06-5900889
    • Address : No.626, Jhongsing Rd., Sinhua District, Tainan City
    Lore-shu Motel
Last updated:2019 / 11 / 12