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National Chung Hsing University Xinhua Forest Farm is the only low-altitude one in Taiwan. It is featured by meandering wooded trails and a deep Chung-jung Pond. Various hiking paths are available to both professional hikers and family visitors. This is where a carefree, green travel experience takes place.

There are plenty of vegetation and trees in the garden, and it has been creating forest since 1975, planting leafy trees and Bambusa including large leafed mahogany trees that are sized over 150 hectares, with 90 hectares of it used for National Chung Hsing University Xinhua Forest Farm and National Botanical Garden, as the only low altitude tropical forest farm. 




No. 76, Koupi, Zhiyi Vil., Xinhua Dist., Tainan City
Opening hours
Garden Open Hours: AM 08:00~PM 5:00
  • How to go
    Public transportation:

    Take Xingnan Bus toward Xinhua from Tainan Train Station, transfer bus to Dakengwei and get off the bus at Koupi Elementary School Station or Zhongxing Forest Farm Station.

    By Car:

    (1) National Highway No. 1: Exit at Yongkang and Rende Interchange. Take Yongda Road toward Xinhua and follow the signs to Hutoupi Scenic Area. Then travel toward Dakengwei, and after passing Koupi Elementary School, turn left. Arrive to National Xinhua Botanical Garden. The ride is around 20 minutes.

    (2) Southward from National Highway No. 3: Taking Xinhua exit and follow the sign to Hutoupi Scenic Area, towards Dakengwei. After passing Koupi Elementary School, turn left. Arrive to Natio

  • Where to live
    • Phone : 06-5900889
    • Address : No.626, Jhongsing Rd., Sinhua District, Tainan City
    Lore-shu Motel

  • Hutoupi Reservoir Scenic Area

    Hutoupi Reservoir Scenic Area

    Tainan City-Sinhua District
  • Sinhua Old Street

    Sinhua Old Street

    Tainan City-Sinhua District
  • Tasi-liao Fossil Museum

    Tasi-liao Fossil Museum

    Tainan City-Zuozhen District
Last updated:2020 / 01 / 14