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Originally producing agricultural products, Dakeng Leisure Farm has now been transformed into a recreational farm, in keeping with current trends.

This transformation has involved meticulous planning and large scale construction. Many kinds of innovative buildings and recreational facilities have been added to match the mountainous terrain, while also preserving the original rural area scenery.

The large varieties of flowers, plants and trees add picturesque beauty to this place. The fresh fragrance of the flowers and plants, and the countryside atmosphere, make it an ideal place to find release from the stresses of life, and to relax in the quiet, serene countryside.  

No. 82, Dakeng Vil., Sinhua Dist., Tainan City www.168big.com.tw
Opening hours
  • How to go
    By Car:

    Exit the 2nd Southern Highway at the Sinhua Interchange, and take Provincial Road No. 20. Go in a westerly direction past Tainan Hospital, passing a bridge after one kilometer. After passing the bridge, there is a forked road. At the forked road intersection, there are signs on the left, directing the way to Dakeng Leisure Farm. Follow the signs for five minutes until you reach the farm.

  • Where to live
    • Phone : 06-5900889
    • Address : No.626, Jhongsing Rd., Sinhua District, Tainan City
    Lore-shu Motel
Last updated:2019 / 11 / 12