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Meiling Scenic Area is located in Nansi Dist.'s Wanciou Vil.. In previous times, it was called Siangjiao Mountain (Banana Mountain), but over time, the banana trees were replaced by plum trees.

When the former vice president Sie Dongmin visited this place, he saw that the whole mountain was bursting with plum blossoms, and changed the name to Meiling (plum peak). This is one of Taiwan's largest plum-growing areas.

The plum trees blossom every year from New Year's Day until mid January. At this time, the mountain is covered with fragrant plum blossoms.

This is Meiling's peak time for tourism. As you admire the abundant blossoms, don’t miss out on the local dish – boiled chicken with salted plums. 

Meiling Scenic Area
Wanciou Vil., Nansi Dist., Tainan
  • How to go
    Public transportation:

    From Tainan Railway Station, take the Singnan Transport Company bus going to Yujing and Nansi. Then take the Siangjiao Mountain (Banana Mountain) bus, and exit the bus at Meiling Station.

    By Car:

    (1)National Road No. 1: Exit at the Madou Interchange, and follow City Road No. 171. Then go south on Provincial Road No. 1. Turn left on Provincial Road No. 84 going to Yujing. Then turn left on Provincial Road No. 3. Pass Nansi Bridge, and following the signs, turn right, and go straight to Meiling.

    (2)National Highway No. 3: From the Tainan Branch Route on the Sinhua End lane, turn onto City Road No. 20 going to Yujing, and then connect to City Road No. 3. Pass Nansi Bridge, and followi

  • What to eat
    Mijhih Fruit Farmers’ Home
    • Phone : 886-6-5750035
    • Address : No. 6, Mijhih Vil., Nansi Dist., Tainan City
    • Website : Mijhih Fruit Farmers’ Home
    • Other : Signature Dishes:Fruit Dishes, Black Chicken
  • Where to live
    Tseng-wen House Fconomic Hostee
    • Phone : 06-5755782
    • Address : No.258,260, Minzu Rd., Nansi District, Tainan City 715, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Last updated:2020 / 01 / 14