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The jacana sanctuary is at Guantian Dist.,obligated by Taiwan High Speed Rail,been taken over by Department of Agriculture of Tainan City Government.Then it changes its name into"the Pheasant-tailed Jacana Ecological Education Center".It includes the ecological education and tourism for its ability,not only lots of aquatic plants, but also a lot of water birds.The most important species in this area are the jacanas, which living in the water chestnut ponds.There are more and more people coming to the wetlands and taking pictures of these fantastic natural scenes through their telescopes.

The campus is located in Guantian Dist.,Tainan City, west of Wushantou Reservoir, and south of the flood-relief channel. Due to its narrow geographical location and limited space,the design of the campus aims to emphasize the distinctive characteristics of the local natural environment.In addition to the main north-south central boulevard and accesses to different departments,the little pavilions built along the natural curves of the crest lines overlook the scenery that abounds with natural beauty.  

The Jacana SanctuaryThe Jacana Sanctuary
Yunong Rd., Guantian Dist., Tainan City
Opening hours
am09:00 ~ pm17:00
  • How to go
    By Car:

    Driving through Highway No.3 and exit at Guantian interchange, then drive through Provincial Highway No.84 to Sichaung interchange. Take city highway No.171 to city highway No.64.

  • Where to live
    • Phone : 06-6988555
    • Address : No69-13,Jianan Village,Guantian District, Tainan City 720,Taiwan
Last updated:2020 / 01 / 14