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Yunsuixi Hot Spring, Zhonglun Yunsuixi Hot Spring, Zhonglun

Yunsuixi in Zhonglun is a salt water hot spring that contains sodium bicarbonate.

It originates from the same place as Guanzhiling and Liuchongxi. Its facilities include an open-air hot spring bath, a foot massage pool, a cherry-blossom forest trail, an ecological trail, and a scenic waterfall.

The bathhouse is built with real wood and its transparent roof allows sunshine to come in. Bathing in there can’t be more relaxing.



Zhongpu Township, Chiayi County (302k, Provincial Taiwan Highway No. 3)
Opening hours
Mon.-Fri. AM10:00~PM20:00, Sat.-Sun AM10:00~PM22:00
  • How to go
    By Car:

    By car: From National Highway No. 3, exit at Zhongpu Interchange  Take Provincial Highway NO. 18 and turn right at Dingzhong Highway  Go to downtown Zhongpu  Take Provincial Highway No. 3 to Zhonglun Elementary School, drive on for 200 meters to arrive at the destination.

Last updated:2019 / 11 / 12