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Yunsui River Hot Spring

The Yunsui River spring is a sodium hydrogen carbonate spring. In this hot spring park you shall find an outdoor pool, a foot-bath pool, and men’s and women’s indoor pools. Don’t forget to pray to the hot spring guardian angel “Acala,” not only for the happiness to come, but also for more peace of mind. Address: No. 19-1, Zhonglun Village, Zhongpu Township, Chiayi County

Yunsui River Hot Spring

Travel Tips

  • Zhongpu Visitor Center
    ocated along The 3rd Taiwan Provincial Road, the construction of the tourist center begun in August, 2016, and was opened on 9, June, 2017.
    The appearance is similar to a mountain castle. The tourist center includes information center, lounges, water dispensers, nursery rooms, and information flyers. The tourists can either take pictures with the lovely art works around the tourist center, or take a walk along the paths in the forest. It is an ideal sight for the whole family to spend a weekend.

    Address:No.1-9, Tongren, Zhongpu Township, Chiayi County


Last updated:2019 / 12 / 31