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Home of Stars – Danei

Known as the “home of avocados,” Danei has the largest avocado plantation in the region.

A highly nutritious fruit, avocado is hailed as a “butter fruit.”

Tsoumalai Farm is a “grass-themed” theme park. Visitors, young and old, are cordially invited to roam about on the big prairie, watch animals at a close distance, and try early-day farming tools.

“Go CreCar” is an annual year-end activity held by the Administration on the farm. Every year, creative teams are drawn to express creativity with the cars they make - this is their dream-come-true.

Be sure to visit the color-painting village of Shilin if you are in Danei. “Totoro,” a Japanese animation character, can be seen holding an umbrella at one corner.

On one small wall, Disney characters can also be found. The paintings have turned the otherwise ordinary farming village into a theme park for all.

Last updated:2019 / 11 / 12