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Small-town Stories – Shanshang

On the streets of Shanshang, there are plenty of old houses from the farming times. The Old Tainan Waterway, now situated in the suburbs, bears witness to the development of the town’s irrigation system. Today, it is a water museum full of historical charm.

Its baroque buildings are all well furbished, even the old facilities are still there. These rare antiques are worth seeing. The well-hidden water regulation pond is ideal for observing wild bats. Visitors are encouraged to reserve for a visit with the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government during the park’s opening months (January - March, November, and December).

At Shanshang’s famous traditional “Auntie A-yan Ice Bar Shop,” be sure to try its trademark “tri-color ice bar” with an amazing flavor combination - milk, chocolate, and duck egg. Old-time charm makes the ice bar shop truly unique.


Last updated:2020 / 05 / 05