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Sunrise and a Sea of Clouds – Zhuozhen

Zhuozhen is the most popular place in southern Taiwan for watching sunrise and seas of clouds. In fact, it is among the three best places for taking such photos. These places have one thing in common: magnificent low-elevation seas of clouds. The best months for taking cloud photos start from April until September. Zhuozhen’s scenic platform is an ideal spot for watching sunrise. Near sunrise time, winds blow and clouds arise, bringing out an impressive scene of the rising Sun, as if in an ink painting.

At Tainan City Zhuojhen Fossil Park, visitors can appreciate precious archeological fossils that resonate with everyday life.

Zhuozhen Church dates back to a century ago. Its beautiful Gothic building is full of charming characteristics. Its “Puh-b” indigenous Pingpu museum houses precious early-day Siraya photos and objects full of historical meanings.

Karma Kagyu Monastery is a combination of Han Chinese and Tibetan cultures. Its colorful religious murals, thangkas, and paintings are impressive. Why not plan a visit here for some religious flair.


Last updated:2020 / 04 / 23