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Mountains and Forests – Xinhua

Xinhua District during the Japanese rule was an important trade and business zone. Walk on Zhongshan and Zhongzhen Roads and you will find beautiful Baroque facades full of nostalgic charm. The roads are ideal for a trip back to the glorious old days.

Wude Temple and the old civil servant dormitories are where Japanese police officers practiced Judo and Kendo in colonial times. Today, the old buildings become popular photo-taking and clocking-in spots because they exude so much old-time charm.

Hutoupi Scenic Area is Taiwan’s oldest reservoir. In May, when Indian laburnum blooms, the area is beautiful as a paradise on Earth. Hutoupi has been a popular flower-watching place in southern Taiwan.
Travelers who fancy countryside farming experiences can visit Dakeng Leisure Farm which is full of the fragrance of orchids. The delicious food it serves cannot be missed!

Last updated:2019 / 11 / 12