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Home of Green Soybeans – Xinshi

Xinshui is the “home of green soybeans,” and every green soybean it grows is round and sweet, with a saturating sheen. Nearly 90% of Xinshi’s green soybeans are exported to Japan.

In the old days when resources were few, Siraya people also used the highly nutritious green soybeans to replace meat as protein supplements. Today, in Xinshi, a variety of green soybean products can be found. They are popular among tourists as souvenirs.

Xinshi is also where the Southern Taiwan Science Park is located. The science park is equipped with a colorful public park full of childlike fun. The installations there are jointly set up by TSMC and artist Jimmy.

A walk in the park feels like a journey into the artist’s illustration books. Every corner provides a chance for visitors to retrieve some childhood memory!

Last updated:2020 / 04 / 16