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An Ideal Place for Plum Flower Appreciation – Nanxi

Meiling Scenic Area is located in the “Banana Mountain” of Nanxi. As the name suggests, the place used to grow bananas in the old days. It was only renamed as “Meiling,” meaning “the plum hill,” after banana trees were replaced by plum trees.

December is the month for appreciating blooming plum flowers, although the exact time period may vary a little depending on the weather of the time. April, May and June are the months for watching fireflies, making Meiling a joyous tourist destination.

Delicious Must-Eat: Plum Chicken
Every restaurant at Meilin serves plum cuisine of own recipes. Plum chicken is the most recommended, made with ranch chicken and sweet-sour plum fruits - a refreshing dish.

Seasonal Firefly-watching in Meiling
April, May and June are the months for watching fireflies, mostly a species called “Luciola cerata.” Chushuikeng of Wulong Hiking Trail is a popular spot. (The firefly-watching tours are organized by local farming associations.)

Guidan Hot Spring is not to be missed if you ever visit Nanxi. Why not enjoy a SPA in this mountain town - it is said that the spring water can make people more beautiful!

The Houses of Jiangs in Lutaoyang date back to 300 years ago as Taiwan’s largest single-family name village. The residences are like living museums that tell stories of the past. The area is worth a special visit.

Last updated:2019 / 11 / 12