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Town of Mangos - Yujing

Yujing is Taiwan’s most famous “town of mangos.” In the summer, at Yujing’s fruit market, one can always immerse in the strong fragrance of mangos. Every mango fruit is al-dente and sweet at this local market, and the price is fair, making visitors happy.

Yujing Old Street is not to be missed if you visit the town on a hot summer day. The locals here use mangos to make all kinds of desserts, such as shredded ice with iced mango cubes, sweet mango pickles, ice cream, and mango jam - what a feast to the mouth!

Hutou Mountain is the highest point of Yujing. From there, visitors can enjoy a birds-eye-view of the idyllic town. There are also plenty of garden restaurants at mountain top featuring views of Yujing Basin. Why not try creative mango cuisine at one of the restaurants and spend some leisurely time there.

Onden House, situated amidst mountains and forests, are popular among visitors as a clock-in destination. The building exudes romantic, exotic charm. Newlyweds also come here to create some happy memory.

Last updated:2020 / 04 / 01