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A Place of Local Charm - Nanhua

Provincial Highway 3 going through Siraya National Scenic Area is known as a “countryside highway of joy and fun.”

At its southern tip is Nanhua blessed with a diversified natural ecology. Visitors can always feel relaxed in this land of hermits.

Nanhua Visitor Center, situated by Wushan, is a chic green building that breathes with nature. Also the national scenic area’s southernmost service point, cyclists and general visitors alike can take showers here and drink some warm water.

The center has mango and honey-themed interactive games for parents and children to learn about the region’s farm produce.

In an outdoor area, artistic installations await young kids to explore.Adult visitors also like to take pictures with these installations and recall childhood memory.

Idyllic Wushan is home to Formosan rock macaques. Do not challenge, make fun of, bully, or throw things at them.

Last updated:2020 / 04 / 01