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Telling stories with technology. The beautiful moment you meet Siraya

What does Siraya look like to you?

An immersive trip to Siraya

A 24-hour tour guide; the freedom to choose the places you want to visit; the Siraya we’d love for you to learn about – all for you to visit at any time, from anywhere!

From the plains to the mountains, from natural scenery to nostalgic history… Roaming around green architecture, pondering the wonders of Hatta Yoichi’s reservoir… every step and heartbeat of the trip is worth falling in love with.

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Family Fun in Nature at Guantian

Guantian Visitor Center is the starting point for this tour of the Siraya National Scenic Area. Listen to the stories of the Siraya people; roam around colorful green architecture; run amongst the deer sculptures on a meadow with your children! Experience Chuanwenshan Forest Ecological Conservation Farm, Pheasant-tailed Jacana Habitat Education Park, Hulupi Natural Park, and other surrounding scenic spots, all in one place. Have lots of fun without getting tired!

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Hatta Yoichi Bike Exploring

Following the Mountains to Sea National Greenway, stroll around the Wushantou Reservoir and experience the achievements and deep emotions fo the life of Hatta Yoichi. Hatta, who dedicated his life to Taiwan, was father of the Jianan (or in Japanese, "Kanan") Irrigation System. In the Japanese-style buildings at Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park, see first-hand how the Hatta family lived. See the Lianzhan (“Love”) Rock, which commemorates the love between Hatta Yoichi and his wife Yonemura Toyoki – a poignant love story that will never be forgotten.

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Creative Fun at Zengwen Reservoir

Zengwen Reservoir – Taiwan’s largest – is such a common destination that maybe there’s nothing new to see there…? Au contraire! Take a sightseeing cruise to watch the wild pigs on Boar Island; watch the eagles at Feiying ("Flying Hawk") Canyon; experience fishing from a platform on the Reservoir; and get an even closer look at the flying hawks. Don't forget to visit the Observation Tower and a secret hideaway in Dapu to capture the beauty of the lake and mountains. Create your own fun, unique memories by visiting these classic sites.

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Thinking back on the old days at Guanziling

Stroll around the Guanziling Hot Spring Township: Witness the only mud hot spring in Taiwan, gushing out at the Baoquan Bridge Hot Spring Outcrop; follow the footsteps of the ancestors to witness the historical charm of a 100-year-old inn; climb to the Dacheng Hall at the top of the Haohanpo (“Heroes' Slope”) steps; stop at Wu Jinhuai Music Plaza to listen to musicians' stories, and relive the romance of the classic old song "Love in Guanziling".

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A Leisurely Tour of Xinhua Culture

Xinhua used to be known as "Damujiang". Strolling here, the pace trip is just about perfect, taking a few pauses to encounter classic 100-year-old baroque street houses. Take a leisurely walk on the trails of the Xinhua Forest Farm. Circle the Hutoupi Scenic Area to discover all Eight Views of a place that has been called "Taiwan’s No. 1 Reservoir". And get up early to include the sunrise at Erliao in your itinerary and make it a perfect trip!

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