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Transforming an abandoned school into an art park: Siraya invites artists to settle in Taiwan Image Calligraphy Museum was officially launched on May 20

Transforming an abandoned school into an art park: Siraya invites artists to settle in Taiwan Image Calligraphy Museum was officially launched on May 20
“Taiwan Image Calligraphy Museum was officially launched!” The Taiwan Image Calligraphy Museum (hereinafter referred to as the Museum) located in the northeast of Baihe District of Tainan City was transformed from the old abandoned Baihe Qinei Elementary School by the Siraya National Scenic Area Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Administration), Tourism Bureau, Ministry of the Transportation and Communications and was officially launched today (on the 20th). Apart from Director of the Administration Hsu Chen-neng and Director of the Museum Chen Shih-hsien, a number of guests including, Legislator Lin I-chin, Legislator Kuo Kuo-wen, Legislator Lai Hui-yuan’s team, Tainan City Councilor Tsai Yu-hui, Tainan City Councilor Shen Chia-feng’s team, Director of Baihe District Tung Li-hua and graduates of Qinei Elementary School, all attended today’s opening ceremony. It is hoped that the Museum will not only bring forth the cultural and artistic essence of the local community but also promote the development of local arts, culture, and tourism.

Known as the former Baihe Qinei Elementary School, the Museum had been abandoned for many years. To repurpose the space for revitalization, the Administration had specially applied for reutilization the space and invested in improving the buildings and overall landscape of the park. In 2022, the Administration invited local calligraphy artist Chen Shih-hsien’s team to move into the park in order to transform the abandoned school into Taiwan Image Calligraphy Museum through the residency of local artists. Officially launched on May 20, 2023, the Museum will offer comprehensive services, including calligraphy art exhibitions, restaurants, and accommodations, as well as periodic art-themed exhibitions. In addition, apart from static exhibitions, the Museum will also incorporate 3D animation technology to provide calligraphy animation videos to enrich the visitor experience. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Artist Chen Shih-hsien mentioned that the Museum currently focuses on exhibiting calligraphy works. However, the future plan is to invite artists-in-residence to establish the park as a center for art creation, exchange, and sharing. By showcasing various forms of calligraphy, the Museum aims to highlight the distinctions between Taiwanese calligraphy and that of China and Japan, as well as portray the Taiwanese people and the stories of this land. Through calligraphy, we can introduce Taiwan's stories to foreigners and even attract international artists to visit the place.

Director of the Administration Hsu Chen-neng expressed that the surrounding areas of the Museum have abundant tourism resources. Apart from Linchupi Kapok Road, Baihe Lotus Park and Yufeng Green Tunnel that provide seasonal scenery, visitors can also go to Guanziling to experience mud hot spring and enjoy local delicacies. It is hoped that the launch of the Museum will facilitate the integration of surrounding tourism resources and transform it into a tourist rest stop, providing visitors with diverse and abundant travel experiences. Additionally, by incorporating local artists, communities, and the surrounding tourism industry, the Administration also hopes that the Museum will become a prominent new tourist attraction.